Research Center

Progress and development in every country requires a great deal of science and knowledge. These two elements are prominently acquired through scientific research. Progress and development are the most important economic, social, cultural, and industrial elements on which the political growth of a country depends on.

Since most of the technologies and production techniques are developed through scientific research, there is no country in the world that had achieved economic and industrial expansion without inclusive scientific development. Hence, giving priority to the academic research and technology as the fundamental pillars is the vital necessity of improvement and a factor leading to stable progress and attainment for the welfare of a real and independent society.

History :

Kabul University, the largest, oldest and the most authentic scientific center in Afghanistan established its research in the frame of “Scientific Research Center” in 1963 (1342). The Scientific Research Center as a scientific organization worked as per the international standards till 1991 (1370) and scientific research was carried out in different fields. But unfortunately, the academic research center like other public infrastructures of the country was destroyed during the civil war. The scientific research center restarted its activities in 2002 (1381) and is currently playing a key role in the implementation and provision of scientific research assistance to all academic institutions throughout the country.

Research Council:

Research council is the high authority for making decisions and designing academic research policy. It also has the responsibility to assess the proposed research projects.  Hence, the decisions of this council are practical after the approval of academic council and approbation of the directorate of Kabul University. 

The research council consists of authorized representatives of faculties who perform the following particular duties:

  • Evaluating the proposed research projects
  • Assessing research proposals of the academic members for their academic promotion and the proposal of the graduate and post graduate students
  • Evaluating the proposed research projects and agreement on their completion
  • Setting deadlines for projects completion
  • Evaluating scientific research papers and assisting Kabul University publication office with publishing the scientific magazine  
  • Evaluating research projects and determining the fee of research in accordance the act.
Main objective of the Academic Research Center:

The main goal of the academic research center is empowering academic research at Kabul University for the purpose of capacity building and conducting standard academic research. 

Sub-objectives of the Academic Research Center are:

  • To establish and empower a modern and standard system for academic research in order to solve the problems which prevent the development of academic, governmental, and private sectors.
  • To provide academic and advisory assistance to ministries, enterprises, and other governmental and private organizations for the growth of national economy.
  • To conduct workshops and seminars on research to instructors with the financial support of government and some national and international organizations.
  • To expand the experience of the academic members who are familiar with doing research in order to grow their skills in the level of faculties.
  • To pay serious attention to standard research in academic promotion, monographs, theses, and dissertations,
  • To recognize research force and establishing coordination among them at Kabul University.
  • To provide an opportunity for transferring experience to the novice academic members.
  • To create affiliation among the academic research center of Kabul University and other national and international research centers.
  • To provide resources for the academic research through the governmental, private, national, and international organizations.

The Main Responsibilities of the Academic Research Center:

  • Organizing, instructing, and assisting in academic research affairs
  • Providing facilities for the domestic and international researchers
  • Providing academic and advisory assistance to the ministries, enterprises, and other governmental and private organizations
  • Doing academic research, and advisory affairs in governmental and private sectors against stand remuneration
  • Establishing and strengthening relationships with various domestic and international academic research organizations
  • Insuring familiarity with research methodology through conducting seminars, conferences, courses, and academic research workshops
  • Seeking funding from donor countries, and national and international institutions for the development of scientific research.
  • Publishing  research results as per the  publication policy of Kabul University


Kabul University Scientific Research Center vision is to be pioneer in scientific innovations, initiatives and research and provide a unique and enabling environment for scientific support to its academic members, graduate students, governmental and none governmental organizations that would help the country towards development.


The mission of Kabul University Scientific Research Center is to expand developed and scientific research in different professions for sustainable development and reaching to a social welfare.


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