Current Situation

The faculty has independent nice 3 stairs building, teaching classes, rooms for departments and academic staff, administration space, laboratories, library, information technology and all necessary space for stores and other purposes. With the new changes and an active participation of international community in re-construction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan at different fields, the faculty building was rehabilitated by USAID, USDA. At the present the faculty has full operated building, equipped by all facilities, such as water supply, electricity, internet, 4 active laboratories was supported by JICA Japan government,  and a nice library with have 4000 scientific textbooks, Journals and some other important teaching materials and facilities, computer laboratory. In the series of assistant made by USDA and American Army a necropsy laboratory was established in which had incinerator section too. The faculty computer laboratory is supported with 24 desktop computers by the Cornel University. Students are using the facilities for their studies and internet connection to enrich their knowledge.

The faculty has a nice animal hospital for large and small animal’s treatment which is also used for student’s practices during the years of their study at the faculty. The hospital is located at Darul-aman area. A building for small animal surgery is constructed under European Union Community recently which is used for student practices. The faculty has signed two Memo Random of Understanding with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) to cooperate at different aspects of Veterinary science. The faculty has best capacity and potential to carry on research projects.

With the assistant provided by friendship countries the faculty is succeeded to send more than 15 academic staff for higher education mostly Master and Doctorate Degree abroad. These countries were; USA, Japan, Jordon, India, and Kazakhstan. Academic staff returned back and they are now actively serving students and Afghan community.     

Student admission is through national exam, medium of instruction in the faculty of veterinary science is Dari language, English is as an international language and student using it in their studies and textbook available at the library is mostly in English language. Beside that student at the faculty studies Latin for the purpose of veterinary and medical terminology.


View of Faculty building

گالری رسانه

The work of constructing a student park with an area of 12 acres of land was opened in the campus of Kabul University

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The graduation ceremony of the students of Kabul University 2022 was celebrated

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