Kabul University is the ancient, major and most reputed public university established in 1932 and currently, 22 faculties, 101 department, 867 faculties’ members and 25200 students make up the academic resources of the university

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We go beyond teaching & learning and we provide a foundational platform for transformation of Kabul University from traditional to research-based University in moving from 1st generation to the 2nd generation of Universities.


Our vision is to be leading University in the country and region by quality, size and academic & research contribution.


We provide an academic, professional and research atmosphere to nurture talents in accordance with national and international quality benchmarks.


Our goal is to enlist Kabul University among the academically reputed Universities across the world and to equip our students with knowledge and wisdom to change the hosting institution or country. 


Our objective is to emphasize over the institutionalization of student orientation and research – based approach to knowledge transformation.

KU Priorities

Pragmatically, accounting for overall strategies of the Higher Education in the country, we consistently move towards a common goal in changing the system and to take effective initiations to enlist KU in the top ranking Universities across the globe. 

Research Enhancement

Research and research contribution to academia is one of strategic dimension of Kabul University where we have a twofold approach in enhancing the quality and quantity of researches conducted by our professors at the KU.

OBE Application

A move from lecturer-based orientation to student-orientation is the second strategic dimension of Kabul University where the foundation is put in 2017 and our efforts prolong to its institutionalization.

Good Governance

Good governance is the backbone of our institution and the third strategic dimension of KU throughout our strategic plan.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the heart-beat of KU and is significant to achieving our objectives. Kabul University has recently earned the national certification of Quality Assurance from the Ministry of Higher Education for the next 5 years.



گالری رسانه

The water purification system was used after a 30-year hiatus and was reactivated. It is used to irrigate about 60 acres of green space in the university yard. Full report in the video report prepared by Kabul University Publications Directorate.

A well-equipped computer laboratory has been built for the English Department of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of Kabul University, where professors conduct their scientific research and students use it in different parts.

what to do Under the title (What should be done?) an artistic illustration was presented in relation to environmental protection. From the students of the Department of Theater, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kabul University, under the title, what should be done

Faculty of Information and communication Technology of Kabul University, which is located in Makroyan-Yake Tot area, you can get information about their scientific, administrative and teaching activities in this video report!

The conference titled "Revelation of the Quran" which was prepared and organized by the respected professors of the Faculty of Sharia was held in Kabul University. More details in the video report!

Some beautiful photos from Kabul University in the rainy season

World Water Day was celebrated in Kabul University during a series of grand ceremonies. Read more in the prepared video report:

During the visit of the Chinese Embassy in Kabul, the top students of Kabul University were honored with certificates of appreciation and cash gifts. Read more in the prepared video report:

In 2023 AH, Kabul University has implemented dozens of development projects worth about 90 million Afghanis. Video report:

The bituminous work of new roads inside Kabul University has started

The work of constructing a student park with an area of 12 acres of land was opened in the campus of Kabul University

Album of spring photos of the beautiful grounds of Kabul University in 1402 AH