Teaching and Students Evaluation Methods

The courses in this curriculum address theoretical, analytical, and practical skills in software development, information systems management, and information technology that enable graduates for a systematic and disciplined approach to meet the growing needs and demands of computerized systems. The teaching is based on the OBE (Outcome Based Education) mode. The focus is on Students Centered Learning (SCL) in which students demonstrate that they know. Curriculum contents and learning is relevant and connected to real-life situation. The teaching methods emphasize on all aspects of education and teaching quality is not judged from any narrow perspective.

گالری رسانه

The work of constructing a student park with an area of 12 acres of land was opened in the campus of Kabul University

Album of spring photos of the beautiful grounds of Kabul University in 1402 AH

Pictures album of the courtyard of Kabul University after a gentle and beautiful rain