Master program of Animal Science

The master program (MSc), of animal science, after completion the process of academic validation, was established in 1392. Accordingly the first batch of applicants consisted of 20 person got admission to the program. After then every batches consisting 20-30 applicants each, got admission.

According to the instruction of MOHE, one third to halves of each batch of applicants accepted, are to be faculty members of provincial universities. This is the input of this program to improve and strength academic capacity of provincial university. But, after 2019 the member of master program board decided the academic member also should inter by exam.

Master program of animal science is a thesis post graduate program, with four semester duration, among them three semesters for course works and one for the thesis work. It means that submission a thesis is a must to complete graduation requirements. Submission of a thesis as a must, oblige the students to conducts research work on relevant issues and find solution to important problems of animal science and production. As a result of conducting research works, this program succeeded to create about one hundred scientific sources in relevant subjects, which is another output of this program. This feature of the program that facilitates and serves the development of animal production sector is of great importance.


A qualified and nationally and internationally recognized post graduate program to train and produce eligible professional cades to lead animal science sector, solve its problems and have significant input to develop competitive animal production sector of our country and respond to its development requirements.

Meanwhile, being reliable source of creating scientific papers and dissemination update problem based relevant information and strengthen the culture of research in the fields of animal science, like nutrition, feed and feeding, breeding, poultry, management.


The mission of animal science master is producing qualified and potent specialist in different field of animal husbandry and impose its impact on development of this sector through their sincerely affords after graduation. Moreover, it is the mission of this program to seek solution for different problems that the of animal production sector faces. This can be achieved through conducing problem oriented research works by student during their thesis works. These research works and their outcomes would represent Afghanistan scholars share to create new knowledge in animal science disciplines. The research works carried out by the students of this program well also enrich significantly scientific literature of our national languages.

Learning objectives:

  • Gaining updated relevant knowledge and skill in animal science fields and developing their capability to deal with different challenges that that exit or emerge in the future and hamper the development of animal production sector.
  • Gaining ability to conduct research works and through them create new knowledge and skills and find solution to existing or forthcoming problems in the animal science sector.
  • Gaining ability to write scientific papers in standard and recognized style to share their experience with foreign scholars.

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