Current Instructors Number

No. Name Surname Father Name Position  Department
1 Aqa Mohammad  Zhakfar Khwaja Mohammad Dean of Faculty Pharmaceutics 
2 Bashir Ahmad Bashir Mullah Mohammad Lecturer Pharmacogonosy
3 Mohammad Omar Sahim Mohammad khan Lecturer Biochemistry 
4 Gulalai Babak Mohammad Hashim Lecturer Pharmaceutics 
5 Hafiza Hamed Abdul aziz Lecturer Pharmacology
6 Hamidullah Rasekh Abdullah Lecturer Microbiology
7 Qand agha Nazari Sahib Nazar Lecturer Pharmacology
8 Roshan  Raihan Ghulam Mustafa Lecturer Pharmaceutics 
9 Ahmad Zia  Noori Said Rahman Lecturer Microbiology
10 Ziauddin Azimi Muhaiuddin Lecturer Biochemistry 
11 Mohammad Junaid Nemati Qala dar Lecturer pharmaceutical chemistry
12 khadija Habibi Abdulwahab Lecturer Pharmacogonosy
13 Sadia Wali Abdul sami Lecturer Pharmacogonosy
14 Azimullah Stanekzai Azizullah Lecturer Pharmaceutics 
15 Najia Sherzai Abdul malik Lecturer Biochemistry 
16 Rabia  Ayobi Mohammad Alli Lecturer Pharmacogonosy
17 Jawed Ahmad  Oneeb Abdul Mohammad Lecturer pharmacology
18 Ahmad Farid  Habibyar Masjedi Lecturer pharmacology
19 Mohammad Aman Bahaduri Mohammad Osman Lecturer Microbiology
20 Mohammad Aman Azad Mohammad Najib Lecturer pharmaceutical chemistry
21 Abduljalil  Nesar Mula Musakhan Lecturer pharmaceutical chemistry
22 Nommanudien Naibkhail Fazuldien Lecturer Biochemistry 
23 Ahamd Tamim Ghafari Obaidullah Lecturer pharmacology
24 Hashmatullah yousufi abdul haq Lecturer Microbiology
25 Roqia Bashari Mohammad Musa Lecturer pharmaceutical chemistry
26 Nelofar Sediqi khwaja shir Aqa Lecturer Pharmacology
27 Mohammad Osman Baburi Mohammad sediq Lecturer pharmacogonosy
28 Najiullah Fazal yar Gulam dastager Lecturer Biochemistry 
29 Mohammad Turdi Hamedi Eargish Lecturer Pharmacology
30 Mohammad Hamayon Amini Zabihullah Lecturer Pharmacogonosy
31 Raihana Halimi Nazar Mohammad Lecturer Pharmacogonosy
32 Amina Ahmadi Abdul nabi Lecturer pharmaceuctics
33 Abdulghani Karimi Abdul karim Lecturer Pharmacogonosy

گالری رسانه

The work of constructing a student park with an area of 12 acres of land was opened in the campus of Kabul University

Album of spring photos of the beautiful grounds of Kabul University in 1402 AH

Pictures album of the courtyard of Kabul University after a gentle and beautiful rain