About the Faculty of ICTI

In 1343, the Ministry of Telecommunication in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Ministry of Education’s Directorate of Professional Training to complete the technical and professional staff of telephony and telegraph devices organized the Telecommunication Training Center with a program at the level of Bachelor (twelfth grade). The Ministry of Communications was established. Later, in 1974, with the development of telecommunications technology and information, it was promoted to a semi-postgraduate educational institution in the upper 14th grade of Bachelor. Throughout its life and scientific presence, the Telecommunications Training Center has trained 1,200 people in various disciplines at the Bachelor and Super Bachelor level and dedicated it to the community.

With the rapid advances made in the last two decades, particularly in the science and technology sectors, and the requirements have increased rapidly, it has enabled the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, the faculty's leadership and sympathetic professors to work together in one Continuing scientific movement with the support of Kabul University and International Telecommunication Union (ITU), while contributing to the growth and development of the country and meeting the scientific and telecommunication technology requirements of 2007 to turn the Telecommunication Training Center into a higher education institution. Develop a government program for the bachelor's degree. It thus gained the membership of a state-run higher education family that opened up huge opportunities but was not without challenges. Applying for this membership requires self-preparation in every field. Everyone must accept these challenges. Our success decision is made by our credibility, belief, quality and competitiveness in the community and family of higher education. The training of a high-quality staff and the diligent and diligent manpower determine the pace of development in these areas.

Pursuant to Decree No. (345) dated 15/2/1399, the High Official of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology with all its formation, budget, movable and immovable property under its use was transferred from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). Now, the Information and Communication Technology Faculty (ICTF), as an independent faculty within Kabul University, continues its purposeful activity, which is to train young generation in the field of information and telecommunication technology.

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