The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1338 AH next to the Faculty of Medicine at that time. Later, in 1342, it was established as an independent faculty from the Faculty of Medicine, but in1343 it was merged with the Faculty of Medicine again while maintaining its scientific identity. This faculty was separated from the Faculty of Medicine for the second time in the beginning of 1352 and was placed as an administrative unit of Kabul University in such a way that its administrative affairs were carried out through the Faculty of Medicine. Later, in 1356, it was again separated from the administrative affairs of the Faculty of Medicine and established as one of the second units in the framework of Kabul University. Parallel to the development of medicine and disease diagnosis, the profession of pharmacy has also grown comprehensively in light of the development of contemporary science and technology and has turned into a multi-dimensional field in the field of pharmaceutical services. At present, pharmacists are not only responsible for the production, supply, distribution, administration and quality control of medicinal and food products in the country, but also they play a key role as professionals and experts in taking care of pharmacy, clinical biology and providing better and specialized medical examination services.

Previously, study period in this faculty was four years and the graduates of the four-year course were offered B-Pharm bachelor's degree, but considering the current Pharm-D curriculum, developed in 2015 and with significant changes in the curriculum, this course was upgraded to five years and its graduates are awarded the Pharm-D certificate.

This faculty presented its first batch of graduates to the society in 1341 and a number of them were accepted as members of the faculty's scientific staff. Graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy in order to implement the mentioned goals in various technical, administrative and professional branches of the Ministries of Public Health, National Defense, Interior Affairs, Trade, Agriculture, Education, Anti-Narcotics, related branches of municipalities, Environmental departments and in Private health sector are employed. Apart from the teaching activity, this faculty has engaged in scientific cooperation with the pharmacy faculties of partner countries such as the pharmacy faculty of Lyon, France, Dusseldorf, Germany, Shaheed Beheshti & Tehran, Iran, Kyoto and Tokyo Japan, and other countries. Scientific publications are one of the other fields of activity of this faculty during its fifty years of activity.

The faculty has one main building where the departments, laboratories, library and information technology center are located. In order to develop the main building, the extension building, which was established by using the development budget of the Ministry of Higher Education, is located next to the main building and has standard classes.

گالری رسانه

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