Student evaluation methods

Faculty of social Sciences is following credit system, which is a standards method in Kabul University. Each credit is 50 mints for one week in one semester. Credits is divided into General and specific courses. General courses are thought in all Faculties of Kabul university as compulsory. Main courses (specific courses) are explaining specific ideas of the fields and transfer specializations. Generally, students are obliged to complete 17-21 credits in each semester and for getting degree, 143-152 credits are required to complete the program.

Student’s individual assessment process

 Student’s assessments are conducting according to the following requirement:

Knowledge, skills and observations are the main points of assessment. Students assessment is including quiz, midterm exams and final exams, which is taken verbally and as written individually and in some group activities. Writing an essay, articles, doing project, field report, quiz and research papers are conducted by students for better understanding the course theoretically and practically and completion of the course’s credit. Furthermore, the following procedure is required for student ‘assessments:

  • Asking questions of previous session in order to make sure about the understanding of the last session and start new session which is scoring;
  • Conduct of assessment by students which is scoring by instructors of each course;
  • Conduction of presentations and seminars about the most relevant topic of the course, which is evaluated by instructors;
  • Monitoring of Attendance shit;
  • Midterm Exam
  • Final Exam


Taking part in the class sessions


Home work


Midterm Exam


Final Exam


Number of enrolled students must be under 35 in order to provide a standard and comprehensive lectures. Unfortunately, the number of students in the faculty class is over 35 and this is a serious challenge, must be taken into considerations.

Kabul University according the national calendar has 6 working days (Saturday -Thursday). Beside of that, during the year, students also have student’s tour or filed visiting. 


In the past decades, the faculty had the opportunity to send students in the relevant working field as an intern to learn now experience and find out their suitable job. However, due to insecurity, today there is no opportunity for the students. Even, rarely get opportunity to do side visiting.


For completion of all semester and getting B.A Diploma, the students must complete Monograph which cover 6 credits in the last semester. Students will choose the most updated and relevant research topic and must be accepted by Department and Dean of Faculty before starting the research. Completion of Monographs unable students to practice what they learned (knowledge and skills) theoretically during the class. For doing a Monograph, the following steps are:

  • Students chose the topic by theirs interest, ability to do and professionalism. Instructors also help students in order to choose the most applicable and researchable topics.
  • After confirmations of Department and Dean of Faculty, students are allowing to start research.
  • Students must complete Monograph at the end of 8 semesters, complete the final version and submit to instructors. All students must defeat for 15-20 minutes from their research in a standard format of presentations in front of juries and students.
  • Completed monographs are registered; also must transfer the second original copies to departments, faculty library and Kabul university public library.

گالری رسانه

کنفرانس تحت عنوان نزول القرآن که توسط اساتید محترم پوهنځی شرعیات ترتیب شده بود در پوهنتون کابل برگزار گردید. جزئیات بیشتر در گزارش ویدیویی!

چند قطعه عکس های زیبا از پوهنتون کابل در موسم بارانی

روز جهانی آب در پوهنتون کابل طی یک سلسله مراسم بزرگ تجلیل شد. ادامه مطلب در گزارش ویدیویی آماده شده:

در دیدار سفارت چین در کابل از محصلین برتر پوهنتون کابل با اهدای لوح تقدیر و هدایای نقدی تجلیل شد.ادامه مطلب در گزارش ویدیویی آماده شده:

پوهنتون کابل در سال ۱۴۰۲ هـ ش، به ارزش حدود ۹۰ میلیون افغانی ده ها پروژه انکشافی و توسعه را تطبیق نموده است. گزارش ویدیویی:

کار قير ریزی با سرکهای نو در داخل پوهنتون کابل آغاز گردید

کار ساخت پارک محصلین به وسعت 12 جریب زمین در محوطه پوهنتون کابل افتتاح گردید

آلبوم عکس های بهاری محوطه زیبای پوهنتون کابل سال ۱۴۰۲ هـ ش

البوم تصاویر صحن زیبا پوهنتون کابل بعد از باران ملایم و زیبا