Current Situation

The faculty has sufficient facilities in terms of physical facilities that have not been encountered so far. In all, the faculty's physical facilities are in an area of (50,000) square meters, including:

  • Teaching Building: 10 classrooms each with a capacity of more than 50 people and an area of 500 square meters.
  • Office Building: The office section has 15 rooms covering a total area of 450 square meters.
  • Dormitory Building: With the capacity of 170 students, 43 bedrooms totaling 2500 square meters.
  • Lab building which includes 14 different laboratories, the area covered by the laboratories is (3000 square meters);
  • Conference hall with a capacity of 320 people at a time, equipped with a sound system and an extension of 400 square meters;
  • Dining hall with a capacity of 150 students at a time.
  • Large green area 6000 square meters.
  • Sports area of 5000 square meters
  • The mosque can accommodate 100 prayers at a time
  • The library has more than 6,600 books in various fields;
  • Internet: The faculty of ICT utilizes a wireless and wired Internet system that covers all laboratories, classrooms, the faculty's internal area, and the dormitory section.


Pictures of Information and Communication Technology Faculty:


گالری رسانه

The work of constructing a student park with an area of 12 acres of land was opened in the campus of Kabul University

Album of spring photos of the beautiful grounds of Kabul University in 1402 AH

Pictures album of the courtyard of Kabul University after a gentle and beautiful rain