A: Basic goals

The purpose of establishing the Faculty of National languages and Literature is to understand the past and present cultural and literary values ​​of the country, and its transfer to future centuries through educating the younger generation. Therefore, the educational goals of this faculty can be summarized in the following points:

  • The ability to teach Pashto, Dari and Uzbaki languages and literature professionally.
  • Having the ability to do scientific researches in linguistics and literature.
  • Having the ability to scientifically enrich Pashto, Dari and Uzbaki languages.
  • Having the skills of writing, translating and editing Pashto, Dari and Uzbaki texts.
  •  Having the rhetoric skills to deliver speeches.

B. Vision

The Faculty of National languages and Literature will act as a nationally and internationally recognized center in the field of training specialized and committed staff. The graduates of this faculty should be recognized as professional, experienced and committed specialists and researchers in the national languages and literature to serve their country in creating science and providing academic services.

C. Mission

  • The Faculty of National languages and Literature has the following missions:
  • Training professional and specialist cadres to fulfill the needs of the society who believe in the historical values and constitution of the country and honestly serve Afghanistan.
  • Provide higher quality education to offer successful and innovative graduates for the community.
  • Improving the professional quality, upgrading the skills of graduates in language and literature research.
  • Improving the skills of graduates in maintaining and developing the national language and literature of the country.



    گالری رسانه

    پوهنتون کابل در سال ۱۴۰۲ هـ ش، به ارزش حدود ۹۰ میلیون افغانی ده ها پروژه انکشافی و توسعه را تطبیق نموده است. گزارش ویدیویی:

    کار قير ریزی با سرکهای نو در داخل پوهنتون کابل آغاز گردید

    در جریان کارهای باز سازی پوهنتون کابل، این بار انکشاف سرک ارتباطی وزارت تحصیلات عالی و پوهنتون کابل آغاز شده است.

    کار ساخت پارک محصلین به وسعت 12 جریب زمین در محوطه پوهنتون کابل افتتاح گردید

    آلبوم عکس های بهاری محوطه زیبای پوهنتون کابل سال ۱۴۰۲ هـ ش

    البوم تصاویر صحن زیبا پوهنتون کابل بعد از باران ملایم و زیبا