Message of the Faculty Dean

The philosophy of the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Kabul University (FVSKU) aims to direct toward the services of the community and environmental development.

The University put all the facilities and experiences of the faculty members to serve the Afghan community which is very important component of Agricultural development in Afghanistan.

Kabul University is one of the educational foundations in Afghanistan. Which includes many Faculties belong to knowledge branches. The main campus is in Kabul city and has 21 different natural and social science faculties.

The faculty of veterinary science is a great scientific and educational foundation since it had been found till now. The faculty is dealing with applied science. It had built on the arms of excellent professional professors. The faculty of veterinary science is mainly responsible for preservation of the animal health and coarse human health. It graduates highly qualified veterinarians and its faculty members produce a good applied scientific research. Which help in solving many problems in the surrounding communities. The faculty has a good scientific cooperation with sectorial Ministry and Organizations.

It’s my proud to be one of the members of the Faculty of Veterinary Science family. This faculty is one of the most active and capable with having high potential for running teaching, research and provision of services to the community in Kabul University. It graduates the veterinarian who are carries the responsibilities of animal care, development of animal, health, wealth and protection of human against the zoonotic diseases (one health). The veterinary profession is closely related to other professions and other economic activities, which share in building the national wealth and formation national income. It provides its services to the whole community. The faculty of veterinary science at Kabul University plays an important role in serving communities through educational programs for the students and servicing for the surrounding communities. The faculty since been founded in (1973), had great improvement in buildings, scientific departments and numbers of faculty members and students. There are a great cooperation’s between the faculty and the directorates of veterinary science at Kabul University. At the present situation the faculty focused on his curriculum and active methods of learning for better education of their students. From the good situation of the faculty among the University faculties, carries its responsibilities and goes ahead to a broad aspect by the help of the faculty academic members and staff members.

With my best wishes to all collogues and staff to continue the work till achieving our goals and objectives.

With Respect

Dean of the Faculty

Professor Dr. Syed Sher Shah Sadaat

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