Message of the Faculty Dean

Language and literature play a valuable role in the dynamism of a country’s cultural values, and perform a significant role in enhancing the cultural views of its inhabitants. Language and literature are the subtle and exquisite sayings and writings that are aimed at showing guidelines and instructions for the well-being of a society, the comfort of the current generation and further future progress. In the realm of human life, literary works manifest individual and social ideas and have a great impact on the cultural and social development of a society. In the realm of various sciences of a society, language and literature is regarded as a valuable treasure trove of events, linguistic values, customs, traditions, historical backgrounds and social developments.

Therefore, the faculty of Languages and Literature of Kabul University is committed to provide effective services and programs to our beloved students and community. The faculty and its staff continuously upgrade its teaching materials and methods in accordance with the regulations of the ministry of higher education and the international standards. The Faculty of Languages and Literature offers professional graduates who are expert in the field of language and literature. I hope our graduates will be able to undertake professional, legal and moral responsibilities to better represent our faculty’s principles and to carry our academic messages to the society.


Assistant Professor Dr. Rahela Hamidzai

The Dean of the Faculty languages and Literature

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