Message of the Faculty Dean

Public Policy and Administration is considered as one of the most important fields of study. Today, a great number of universities provide courses regarding Public Policy and Administration, which is a clear evident to our claim. Knowledge of public administration is widely pursued by students around the world and is considered a fundamental field of study for nurturing professional leaders and public servants. It is expected that the public administration system of the countries, unlike the old system, is based on accountability, transparency, rule of law, is customer centered, effective, efficient and corruption free. The role of public policy and administration for the creation and establishment of such an ideal and ambitious model is vital and crucial.

The Faculty of Public Policy and Administration was established in 2010 under the auspices of the Kabul University with the help of Federal Republic of Germany. The faculty operates under three departments, KUnamely Faculty of Public Administration, Public Policy and Development Management. This faculty follows a disciplinary approach and covers some very important subjects of law, economics, political science, Sociology and Management Sciences faculties. The faculty offers courses on subjects like Good governance, Public Administration of Afghanistan, Policy Analysis, Public Procurement, E-Governance, Anti-Corruption, Project Management, Administrative Law, Leadership, International Organizations, Research methodology and so on.

The students beside taking courses on theoretical studies, also pursue practical woks (internships) in various governmental and private institutions. The leadership of the faculty is determined to create a good relationship between this academic institution and other governmental entities. As part of this objective, the faculty has entered into many MoUs with governmental and private entities. Using this opportunity, a number of students get a chance to get jobs with the respective entities they have been introduced.In conclusion, the Faculty of Public Policy and Administration is determined and is trying to offer and introduce committed, professional, and qualified human capital to the society by delivering quality education. Undoubtedly, this very important field of study can play an important role in ensuring rule of law, transparency, fight against corruption, culture of accountability.



Jamaluddin Saberi

Dean of Faculty


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