Laboratories and Library

The faculty has different laboratories based on departmental structure. Structure of these laboratories is listed as below:

  • There are 4 laboratories available under preclinical department named Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and Histology. Each laboratory has a technician. Activities of these laboratories are guided by senior and junior professors. These laboratories based on their subjects curriculum practice, practical sessions. A histology lab which serves as a preparation room and student lab is quite well equipped with research microscopes, freezing microtomes, centrifuges etc. The lab is also used for theoretical instruction in histopathology. Physiology and biochemistry students of the faculty are currently using a full equipped lab at the faculty. The anatomy dissection hall and museum, supplied with the necessary equipment, anatomical models and other materials located at the first floor.
  • There are 4 laboratories available under para clincal department named, microbiology, virology, pathology, and necropsy. These laboratories equipped with steam sterilizers, oven and over 50 students microscopes. Pathology and necropsy laboratories are well equipped and practically used for student instructions in practical sessions. These laboratories set-up as research based laboratories. A veterinary public health lab equipped with ovens and some other equipment’s, functions as a research facility as well as a student lab.
  • There are 2 laboratory is available under animal production department named nutrition and livestock production, functions as a research facility as well as a student lab.
  • There are 2 laboratories available under food hygiene named food analysis and food technology, functions as a research facility as well as a student lab.
  • There is a teaching veterinary hospital at Darulaman, some 4 kilometers away from Kabul University main campus is fully equipped for small and large animal surgery and the treatment of the most common problems of Sheep, Goats, Cattle, Donkey and occasional Horse brought in by local farmers. It is well stocked with veterinary drugs.
  • Students and professors are used government owned farm in Benihissar, 6 kilometers from Kabul University campus, has been made available to students of the faculty for practical training.

As conclusion a total of 12 laboratories and a teaching hospital are actively operating to train students and strengthen their professional practices as well as skill.


A student library with over than 4000 textbooks and small selection of current journals, a staff library with some 400 books and over 25 journals is available to national staff at their departments. Most of textbooks are in English language.


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