Laboratories and Library

The Faculty of Environment has a Library, a Laboratory and a Research Center. 

Research Center: in 2016, Afghanistan Environmental Data Centre (AEDC) was established in the faculty with United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP) and National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) support. AEDC was established for environmental data management and information hub purposes for Kabul University faculties members, students, national and international researchers. The center is a comprehensive environmental database including soft and hard data produced by national and international organizations in and for Afghanistan. The center is linked with a number of online library and environmental database as MAP-X, OARE... The center is operated for environmental research and training.   

Library: the library has collection of the textbooks, journals, technical reports, thesis, monographs including soft and hard formats. Most of the books are in English language. The faculty access to number of online libraries, such as The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, ICIMOD Library, OARE, ACKU and so on.

Access to number of online courses via edX, edX-edge, SDGAcademy, Coursera, Learning for Nature, iVersity and so on. Faculty staff and students access to hundredths of technical and professional online courses from the world famous and high level Universities.  

Laboratory: Water research and investigation laboratory has high technical equipment for field in situ water physical parameters measurement. There are high-tech devices for climate records and air quality analysis. Land Mapper is an advance technology for investing subsurface geological formations and soil properties.

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