Students Affairs

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is one of the most important sections of Kabul University. The main responsibilities of this section are completing the new students enrollment documents; process of educational documents; opportunities for students capacity building; opportunities for sport; counsel and direct of dormitories; the Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs with direct concentration of the esteemed official of Kabul University and based on the criteria and experiences of the students has been valuable activities. According to the Ministry of Higher Education’s Law; the Student Affairs Office is a key section in regulating the management of student affairs at the university level. This Vice Chancellor has four directorates and general management under its influence within its organizational framework, which are:

  1. Directorate  of Student Affairs;
  2. Directorate of Sports;
  3. Directorate of Dormitories,
  4. Directorate of Student Services Integration;
  5. Directorate of General Management for Preparing Educational Documents;

The number of students in this section is very high, about 25,000 students are studying in the day-shift, night-shift, master's and doctoral programs in different faculties of Kabul University.

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