Progress and development in every country requires a great deal of science and knowledge. These two elements are prominently acquired through scientific research. Progress and development are the most important economic, social, cultural, and industrial elements on which the political growth of a country depends on.

Since most of the technologies and production techniques are developed through scientific research, there is no country in the world that had achieved economic and industrial expansion without inclusive scientific development. Hence, giving priority to the academic research and technology as the fundamental pillars is the vital necessity of improvement and a factor leading to stable progress and attainment for the welfare of a real and independent society.


Kabul University, the largest, oldest and the most authentic scientific center in Afghanistan established its research in the frame of “Scientific Research Center” in 1963 (1342). The Scientific Research Center as a scientific organization worked as per the international standards till 1991 (1370) and scientific research was carried out in different fields. But unfortunately, the academic research center like other public infrastructures of the country was destroyed during the civil war. The scientific research center restarted its activities in 2002 (1381) and is currently playing a key role in the implementation and provision of scientific research assistance to all academic institutions throughout the country.

گالری رسانه

Pictures album of the courtyard of Kabul University after a gentle and beautiful rain

Academic and research conference entitled "Study and Management of Afghanistan Water" to welcome the opening of Kamal Khan Dam

The National Seedlings Campaign at Kabul University Campus

Inauguration of the new building of Faculty of Public Policy and Mathematics of Kabul University

The Sympathy Video of the Silk Road Universities Students with their Friends at Kabul University