Faculty Objectives

Promoting the scientific status of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the national and regional levels by gaining the necessary capabilities to provide excellent services of art education and creating suitable grounds for expanding the frontiers of art and gaining a superior position in applied art research with dynamic and creative artists.   

  1. College mission of Faculty of Fine Arts in areas of easy access, convenient and standards of education in the arts provides to young people the means to achieve the objectives of the science and art of their education and skills needed to acquire, serve the country has been based on Their aspirations should be to provide a skilled, elite and art expert to meet the needs of the country.                
  2. Basic goals or leadership
  •    Increase students by taking a special exam.  
  •    Increase professors by proportion to 1.8.
  •    Improving the capacity of professors by using master's and doctoral scholarships.
  •    Development of master's programs in arts.
  •    Completion of faculty infrastructure projects - workshops, studios, conference halls, libraries, computers, etc.
  •    Curriculum development and curriculum in accordance with international standards.
  •    Development of research, compilation and translation.
  •    Preparation and physical resources and textbooks and laboratories.
  •    Completion of administrative staff.
  •    Publication of Fine Arts Magazine, International Articles and Textbooks.
  •    Strengthen the English language of professors and staff.
  •    Establishment of studios, laboratories, galleries, computer lab at the level of departments.
  •    Sending professors and students to short-term scholarships.
  •    Designing and arranging new educational and research programs and obtaining credentials.
  •    Strengthen participation, motivation and innovation in faculty members.
  •    Increase the absorption of financial support to provide the required resources, especially from the non-governmental sector.
  •    Application of appropriate mesh lines regarding the use of new technologies in the training process.

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