Faculty Objectives

According to the draft FEN strategic plan the main objective of the faculty is to train professionals of society to undertake management and regulate environmental issues, natural resources, and natural hazards. The graduates from this faculty are expected to overcome the existing and expected future environmental problems. To reach this objective, the dean of faculty and heads of department drafted the following program goals in 2018 as follows:

  • Students learn basic science and fundamentals of environment science, natural resources, and disaster management.
  • Students develop computer skills and English language.
  • Students will be B.Sc. level professional in water resources, mining and mineral resources and management, disaster risk reduction and management, environmental management, air and water pollution, renewable energy, and green solution.
  • Students will be familiar with national and international law, policy and treaties of environmental conservation and protection as well as natural resources, international regulation about environmental protection, global warming, and disaster risk reduction.
  • Students perform environmental impact assessment (EIA) and will be familiar with climate change adaptation.
  • Students learn more about sustainable development, natural resources, biodiversity conservation, prevention and reclamation of degraded rangelands, wildlife, forest, surface water groundwater.
  • Students will be familiar with natural and manmade disaster management, such as drought, floods, avalanche, and its policies.
  • Students will be familiar with basic use of several related software and basic GIS and remote sensing.  They will use this skill in managing of environment related issues, natural resources, natural disaster and hazards. 
  • Students learn statistics and technical report writing.
  • Students learn about environmental and economic value of natural resources.
  • Students learn about disaster risk reduction and mitigation technology and local participation and encouragement in disaster risk reduction.


Preparing new generations with scientific and modern knowledge, skills and tools to identify material resources and use it according to the nature of the resources for sustainable development and to plan, prepare for, prevent, and respond to human induced and natural disasters and environmental challenges to pave the way for livelihoods in the country.


To be an open, prominent center of excellence in multi-disciplinary education and training, applied research, information management and knowledge building professional services in the areas of environmental protection, disaster management and natural resources in the country.

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