Faculty Committees

The Assigned Committees

The academic staff (lectures) are tasked to teach, research and actively participate in different in-house committees of the school in order to make sure quality teaching, research within the schools on timely basis. There are number of significant committees beside the dean, deputy-dean, head of departments, and the committees are as bellow:  

  1. The Academic Council of the School (8 senior members) is tasked to evaluate and approve all promotion and academic development and communicate it with the dean office.
  2. The Quality Assurance Committee (7 Senior members) is assigned to make sure teaching and resources to academic accreditation of the school.
  3. The Curriculum Development Committee (8 senior and junior members) is tasked to revise curriculum based on the needs of market and students and available resources.
  4. The Electronic Learning Committee (3 senior and junior members) is committed to facility using technology and and encourage the lecturers to utilize technology in teaching and research work.
  5. The Research Work Committee (5 senior members) is dedicated to help the lectures in research work and review their research proposals and research frameworks.
  6. The Cultural Committee (4 senior and junior members) is dedicated to boots cultural understanding and the value of diversity among students through holding some cultural events. 
  7. The Teaching Improvement Committee (4 Senior and Junior members) is committed to make sure quality teaching and methodology is in place within the school and timely train the lectures on new teaching methods. 
  8. The Disciplinary Committee (6 senior and junior members) is tasked to make sure safe environment for all students and lecturers as there should be no sexual harassment or bullying in the academic environment.   
  9. The M&E Committee on Teaching Quality (5 senior and junior members) is assigned to enhance the quality of teaching through surprise visit and collecting of feedback from students.
  10. Strategic Development Committee (6 senior members) is determined to think and take action on developmental areas of the school in line with the advancement of Kabul University and the available resources.  
  11.  The Oversight Committee on Operational and Academic Plans (5 senior members) is established to make sure all the plans of school are being implemented in the relevant time and address any possible obstacles through timely cooperation. 

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