Faculty Academic Council

Dean of the Faculty: Dean is responsible for the overall academic and administration affairs and decisions and reporting chancellor and University main office.

Head of Department: Department Head is responsible for the department academic and administrative affairs and responsible to report to dean of the faculty.

Administrative and Executive Officer: Administrative Officer is responsible for faculty administrative affairs.

Faculty Academic Council and Department Academic Meeting:

Dean of the faculty and department heads manage academic and administrative affairs through faculty academic council and department meetings. They are responsible to run the faculty and department based on the University and Higher Education Ministry acts, rules and regulations. Developing strategic plans and executing policies. The dean of the faculty holds his PhD and also teaches specialized courses.   

Organizational Structure and the Faculty Staff

The organizational structure of the FEN consists of the dean of faculty, administrative manager, and heads of the departments with managerial staff, technicians, and services staff.  There are 15 lecturers responsible for teaching subjects across the three departments. Current administrative structure of the faculty is below:

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