Engineering Faculty Library

The library of the Faculty of Engineering of Kabul University was established at the same time as the establishment of this faculty in 1335. This library aims to provide book lending services, use of reading rooms, use of magazines, resources, and references, etc., at the service of faculty and students on a daily basis and operates in accordance with specific procedures. The library hall has a capacity of about 100 students at a time and has a lodge or a second floor with a capacity of 20 students for the female students.

The Faculty of Engineering Library has (23127) volumes of textbooks and references in English and Persian, (357) volumes of various magazines, (738) volumes of monographs in various fields, and (70) volumes of the Holy Quran.

There are excellent books in the fields of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Energy Engineering, and Urban Planning and Design. All available textbooks are distributed to students at the beginning of the semester and will be collected at the end of that semester.

During the semester, reference books are also distributed and collected for students and professors. Approximately (6000) volumes of the reference book have been registered in the database, labeled, barcoded and sorted, and the list has been placed on two computer stands for students to use.

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