About the Faculty

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of Kabul University was established in 1962, With the acceptance of Sixty (60) students & (10) Qualified Afghan and American teachers who were in different disciplines of PhD and Master. The purpose of this Faculty was to educate teachers for the secondary schools of the country. In addition to these disciplines, there was a department called the Education Office, which later became known as the Department of Professional Education. The Faculty was gradually amalgamated with other faculties in the year 1352, and its scholarship was awarded to science majors and humanities. The Department of Vocational Education, which was associated with the Faculty of Human Literature and Humanities, was reestablished in 1979 as a school of Education. But this time there were two departments in the name of Department of Psychology and Pedagogy, in which the aim was to solve the educational necessities of the country in the field of psychology and pedagogy. Throughout the period of time and with the new needs in the community, The Ministry of Higher Education decided to establish a university in the name of education and training. This led to the name of the faculty of the curriculum of teaching and learning to become a pioneer in psychology and educational education.

After this, the faculty redefined its goals and addressed various aspects of psychology and pedagogy. As a result, other departments were named as the Department of Educational Management, Counseling and guidance, Social work and Educational Policy and Planning. Now this faculty has six departments.

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, considering the significant development in the field of science, is dedicated to creating specialized work force and knowledge generation. In line with the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Higher Education, the appropriate solutions for improving programs and researching their development planning programs. Hence the leadership considered these measures not enough and established, good cooperation and trust between the institutions and educational institutions inside and outside the country in the context of presentation of young mercenary cadres to the community should be more and more.

In total, 1,245 people attend this faculty in the day and night section. The conditions for admission to the faculty are through the passing of a conquer test, that is managed by the Ministry of Higher Education. The majority of students attend a faculty after graduation, which is considered to be a good field of study for changing academic discipline. In the academic structure of this faculty, the master program in educational management is also established.

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