Current Condition

The faculty has independent nice 3 stairs building, teaching classes, rooms for departments and academic staff, administrative space, laboratories, library, information technology and all necessary space for store and other purposes. With the new changes and an active participation of international community in re-construction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan at different field, the faculty building was rehabilitated by DAAD, USAID, UNDP and ICIMOD. At the present the faculty has full operated building, equipped by all facilities, such as water supply, electricity, internet, 10 active laboratories supported by above mentioned donors and organizations, and a nice library which have 10000 scientific books, journals and some other important teaching materials and facilities. GIS and Remote Sensing Lab was established by USAID.

With the assistant provided by friendship countries the faculty is success to send more than 14 academic staff for higher education mostly Master and Doctorate Degree abroad. These countries were Germany, Netherlands, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand. Academic staff returned back and now they are actively serving young students and Afghan community.

گالری رسانه

A part of the speech of the Honorable Minister of Higher Education Sheikh Nada Mohammad Nadeem to the teachers of Kabul University

A meeting was held to share ideas about the curriculum of the new master's program in the Faculty of Social Sciences

An exhibition of research posters of the Faculty of Agriculture was held

The graduation ceremony of the students of Kabul University 2022 was celebrated

Pictures Album of Kabul University Graduation Ceremony 2022

Pictures album of the courtyard of Kabul University after a gentle and beautiful rain

Honorable Latifullah Khairkhah's speech Academic deputy of the Ministry of Higher EducationIn the art exhibition of the spring semester of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Kabul University