About the Faculty

The Faculty of Public Policy and Administration is a governmental educational institution established under auspices of the Kabul University in 2010. Since its establishment, the faculty has provided aKUcademic cadres in the field of public policy and administration. Its mandate is to produce professional and committed leaders, managers and public servants. The term of education is 4 years. The first 4 semesters will cover basic and university based subjects, while for the next 4 semesters students will pursue specialized and core subjects of public policy and administration. Subjects are taught in formal and English languages of the country and the lectures are provided using the up to date technology. It is worth mentioning that the curriculum of the public policy and administration was created and developed both by national and international professors taking into consideration the national and international standards and requirements. As part of the degree, students must pass a term of internship in one of the public/ private institutions and after writing their thesis (monographs) and successfully defending it before a group of professors, they will be awarded the (Bachelor Degree in Public Policy and Administration).

In its first year of inauguration the faculty accepted 100 students and last year this number had reached 180 students. The students are introduced by the ministry of higher education after passing the university entrance examination and acquiring the required score. The Faculty of Public Policy and Administration has been operating for the past 9 years and the 4th term of the graduates were just recently offered to the community.


The Faculty Public Policy and Administration was established in 2010 and accepted the first term of the students through the ministry of higher education in 2011. This Faculty is established based on thKIe needs of the market and the state of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and currently has three departments. The Public Policy department is one of the three departments which is active in promoting the academically and internationally accepted approaches to policy making and policy analysis, better policy implementation and its evaluation. The Department of public administration is seeking to offer cadres and professionals who would lead and manage the public administration system of Afghanistan and ultimately contribute in ensuring good governance and sound public administration. Finally, the department of development management ensures that the organizations and institutions involved in the field of development are led by its graduates in a sound manner.

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