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Introducing the Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Fine Arts in order to create artistic creations, according to the needs of society and scientific and academic standards, preserving and expanding the values ​​of the country's antiquities, developing talents and raising the level of knowledge of young students in theater, music, sculpture, graphic design, painting, design And photography, growth and development of aesthetic taste and in order to improve the quality of works of art and enrichment of galleries and museums, training of professional specialists in various fields of art such as: training of professional teachers for the education of the country, training of representatives, singers and young musicians The country's television, theater and cinema, the training of painters, writers, sculptors, photographers and graphic designers have been created nationally and internationally.


In 1345 AH, the respected professor Amanullah Heidarzad, who had brought a master's degree in sculpture from Italy, established sculpture and painting courses within the framework of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities. The practical workshop of the mentioned courses was located in the circular hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts, which was called Yellow Repair.

In 1975, Enayatullah Shahrani, Professor of the Faculty of Education, became the Fine Arts Department of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities, and was one of the first official professors of the Department of Fine Arts. In the same year, fine arts courses were promoted to the department level and Amanullah Heidarzad was appointed as the head of the department.

In 1980, with the efforts of Dr. Mohammad Naeem Farhan and Enayatullah Shahrani, the departments of music, theater and graphics were created. They upgraded the faculty. Dr. Mohammad Naeem Farhan was introduced as the dean of the faculty and Sayed Farooq Faryad was introduced as the vice chancellor. In 1992, with the coming of the Mojahedin government, Dr. Mohammad Naeem Farhan emigrated and Akbar Salam was introduced as the dean of the faculty.

With the advent of the Taliban government, the Faculty of Fine Arts was demoted to the directorate, and Maulvi Gol Mohammad Akhundzadeh was in charge of the department. At this time, restrictions were imposed such as the prohibition of painting living objects, the renaming of the sculpture department to "subtle creations" and the abolition of the music department. After the fall of the Taliban, Mohammad Azim Hosseinzadeh, a professor in the theater department who was the deputy director of the faculty, was in charge of the affairs of the faculty until Mohammad Alam Farhad was appointed head of the faculty.

In 2002, with the selection of professors, Seyed Farooq Faryad became the head of the faculty and his half-dead activity was revived. Cooperation between national and international institutions for the faculty begins. In cooperation with partner institutions, national and international theater festivals, exhibitions and educational workshops were held. However, in 2006, Seyyed Farooq Faryad resigned from the position of the head of the faculty, and Mr. Mohammad Alam Farhad was appointed as the head of the faculty. During his presidency, the Departments of Cinema, Dramatic Literature, Photography, and the Master of Visual Arts program were established, and memorandums of cooperation were signed with national and international organizations.

The Department of Fine Arts in 1398 AH was assigned to the Honorable Professor Samiullah Nabi based on the selection of professors, and he began their activities with a view focused on the growth of knowledge and artistic skills and creating a broad relationship and changing the mentality of Afghan society to art. Appeared.


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