About the Faculty

The Engineering Faculty at the Kabul University welcomes creative young people who can face the challenge of invigorating future society by achieving what has heretofore been impossible.

At the Engineering faculty, knowledge gained from studying is combined with the practical research works.

The Engineering faculty provides education and research that place emphasis on fostering diverse creativity ,and helps students to develop their creativity by offering not only courses for deepening technical expertise but also design works that require self-commitment, problem-solving projects, field trips, internships and graduation research.

The Faculty of Engineering provides lectures, experiments, as well as the latest research and a wide variety of international education and research programs that are all designed to prepare students to meet this expectation. What we want our students to acquire is not only expertise, but also the willingness and vigorous curiosity to learn a wide range of knowledge, a sense of ethics, a strong will to prevail in competition, the mental acumen and deep sensitivity for understanding the needs of society, the ability to discover and solve problems, a strong communication ability to facilitate mutual understanding, and a tolerance for different cultures.

 The Engineering Faculty hopes that all of our students will master this field and go on to flourish on the global stage.

 The establishment history of Engineering Faculty is relating to 60 years ago. Before 1956, all afghan engineers were trained in foreign countries. At the beginning of the year 1956, an engineering department was established in the Faculty of Natural Science of Kabul University.

In 1958, a joint faculty named “Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering” was established within Kabul University and replaced the engineering department of the Faculty of Natural Science and following four years program of study.

In 1963, this joint Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering separated from each other and each started functioning as an independent academic unit by the names of the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture. In 1963, the college of Engineering had two departments: Civil Engineering and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Department.

In 1966, Agricultural Engineering was established within the structure of Civil Engineering.

In 1967, Architectural Department was established.

In 1974, USET contract concerning Engineering Partnership came to its end and Nebraska University took the place with a limited support. NebraskaTeam left the country at the end of 1978.

In 1981, gradual abrogation of this college started and last group of students graduated in 1985. Then, the door of this college was closed and all professors were distributed to other colleges of the Kabul University.

In 1989, the restoration and rehabilitation process of Engineering College started and at the beginning of the year 1990, students enrolled and the academic activities started with limited resources.

During 1992 to 1995 due to internal conflicts, all the properties of this college were looted, destroyed or burnt.

In 1996 to end of 2001, during the Taliban regime, the college of engineering was functioning poorly and had un-sufficient financial and human resources.

In 2002, during the Interim Administration, this college continued its academic life with having 35 faculty members from which, 2 PHD, 7 M.Sc and degree and the rest B.Sc. degree teaching 650 students in four departments.

From 2007 - 2010, Kansas-State University (KSU) started supporting this college (funded by World Bank). As a result of this cooperation, the five-year program changed in to four-year program and the “Credit System” proposed to apply as an alternative for Classical Semester System.

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